18th Annual Graduate Student Conference

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Change, Conflict, and Dissent
18th Annual Graduate Student Conference
Graduate Organization for the Study of Europe and Central Asia (GOSECA)
University of Pittsburgh, February 12-13th, 2021

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joshua A. Tucker, NYU

"Communism's Shadow: Historical Legacies and Political Attitudes"

Format: Virtual

Modern history in Eastern Europe and Central Asia has been punctuated by waves of intense social, political, and cultural change. While it can be tempting to divide the issues of the past and the present into temporal and spatial categories — ‘Soviet’ vs. ‘Post-Soviet,’ ‘Eastern Europe’ vs. ‘Central Asia,’ or by marking symbolic and era-defining years (such as 1848, 1917, or 1989) — for the majority of affected people, these changes in label, time, and place have not always been immediately accepted. Large-scale disruptions and transformations in daily life, prompted by climate change and environmental disaster, paradigm shifts in thought and perspective, and sweeping political revolution have molded individuals, nations, cultures, languages, and fields of study, and provoked intense dissent and opposition. For our 18th annual conference, GOSECA invites presentations which explore change and/or resistance to change, whether political, economic, linguistic, social, cultural, artistic, paradigmatic, or of another kind altogether.

Due to COVID-19, the conference will be held virtually.

Please contact GOSECA at info.goseca@gmail.com with any questions!