16th Annual Graduate Student Conference



"Persuade and Coerce: (Mis)Information and Security in Eurasia"

16th Annual Graduate Conference

Graduate Organization for the Study of Europe & Central Asia (GOSECA)

 March 1-2nd, 2019 - University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)

The nations of the Eurasian landmass have been on both the receiving and giving ends of kinetic
and non-kinetic coercion long before fear spread of Russian Twitter bots. Powers both great and small in Eurasia have for centuries attempted to exert control over their neighbors and lands further across theglobe.The United States’ 2016 presidential election made information warfare and cyber-security thetopics of conversation in academic, policy, and security circles. However, persuasion and coercion havetaken many forms from multimedia propaganda campaigns, spy wars, military interventions, special operations raids, and even manipulation of the supply of critical resources such as fossil fuels. While we hear about these tactics being used abroad, the tactics of persuasion and coercion have also been employed domestically by Eurasian states.
GOSECA invites abstracts for conference presentations related to (mis)information and security - broadly conceived - in Eurasia past and present for its 16th annual Graduate Student Conference in March 1-2, 2019.


-       Literary and Cultural Studies

-       Medicine and Public Health

-       Military and Security Studies

-       Environmental Studies

-       History

-       Sociology

-       Gender and Sexuality Studies


-       Public Policy & Law

-       International Affairs

-       Anthropology

-       Political Science

-       Economics

-       Religious Studies

Comparative or interdisciplinary research is also accepted.


Extended Submission Deadline: Tuesday, February 5th, 2019, 11:59 PM EST

Please submit a 300 word (double-spaced) abstract and 2-page CV through our website.

The submission form is available at goseca.ucis.pitt.edu/submissions-form

Accepted papers will be notified by Sunday, February 3rd, 2019.

Please contact info.goseca@gmail.com with any questions.